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Read this before you try removing your tattoo on your own

I have recently seen a lot of people with regrettable tattoos, who have prior to their consultation with me for laser tattoo removal have scarred/injured/burned their skin trying do-it-yourself methods to get their tattoo off themselves. Their methods have included acid, salts, or things they have found on the internet. Please be aware that if you use these methods, and you scar/burn your skin making it rough and uneven, laser cannot safely be done to remove the rest of your ink. Surgical removal of your inked and now damaged skin becomes your only alternative to get rid of the now even more unsightly tat.

Please come and see me first. My consultations are free and without obligation. Yes, it costs more to remove a tattoo by laser than it did to apply it to your skin in the first place. But visits can be spaced as far apart as you like allowing you to save up your money between laser treatments.

When you opt to remove that regrettable tattoo, do your research and make sure you don’t hurt yourself and lose the opportunity for a complete tattoo removal.

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