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How SculpSure Body Contouring can Help You Lose Weight

I’ve been doing body contouring on patients with the SculpSure laser for several years now, and one of the questions that always seems to come up is can this body contouring laser help a person with weight loss?

My answer to this question is both no and yes.  First, the laser is only helping you lose pockets of fat tissue, so it’s not overall contributing to weight loss, nor does it actually make you healthier.  The laser is not designed to make you lose weight, and you must actually be around a BMI of 30 or under in order for the laser to work optimally. 

Here’s the Yes part of my answer:   Most of us have a hard time staying on a diet or exercise plan, especially when we see little change from the efforts we’ve been making to exercise regularly and eat less.  If we don’t see the scale budge downward or the waist belt loosen a bit, we get frustrated and stop following the diet/exercise regimen.  This loss of motivation is where the body contouring laser can help.  Most of us like to see RESULTS and seeing them motivates us to continue. So, allowing that laser treatment to smooth that hip curve or diminish that bulge in your belly is motivating to continue the healthier lifestyle you resolved to live as part of your new year’s resolutions.  So what, if you get a little help from a laser to achieve your goals?  If laser body sculpting can get you motivated and on your way to a better you, why not do it?

Even better, the fat cells lost by the laser do not get replaced; they are permanently gone.  So, if you maintain your weight, the size of the remaining fat cells remain constant in size, leaving less fat in the area post laser.  Better yet, if you lose weight after doing the laser body sculpting, not only do you lose the fat cells from lasering but the remaining fat cells shrink from having less lipid in them because of your weight loss, thereby making you even smaller in that area. BONUS!

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